Cambridge University

Artist Residency

Friday 3rd - Monday 13th March 2017

Over the 10 day duration of this residency, I will be giving a series of workshops free to university members exploring the concept and possibility of Drawing as Research through life-drawing and still-life, as well as sculpture, ceramics, performance, text, poetry, collage, music and puppetry. 

for further information, up to date information and to sign up visit

All events will take place at


The Gatehouse 

Clare College Memorial Court

Queens Street, Cambridge CB3 9AJ

So here's the plan:

Eat SOUP and Meet: Friday 3rd March , 6.30pm

Hear what will be happening, meet the people involved and eat soup (suitable for vegans)

Drawing and Performance (Weekend Workshop)

Saturday 4th March, 11 am - 6 pm

Circles and Squares: drawing movement and movement as drawing with the language of Laban

Sunday 5th March 2017, 2 -6.30pm

Lines: drawing with puppets

(Please note, this will take place in The Meeting Rooms, Clare Colony, Chesterton Lane)


Drawing as ResearchMonday 6th March, 5- 7pm

Potting in the Path: Tuesday 7th March, 1.30-3pm 

Try your hand at wheel-thrown pottery (like they do on the Great British pot-off) on the way to the Library

Life Drawing: (Multi-Media) Tuesday 7th March, 5-7pm

Life Sculpting: (Clay)  Wednesday 8th March, 5-7pm

Throwing Drop-in: Thursday 9th March, 12 -2pm

Throwing Drop-in #2: Friday 10th March, 10-11am

Book a  15 minute slot here

CollageFriday 10th March, 5-7pm

Please bring photocopies (large and small) of text or image that you are thinking about. This is a great opportunity to practice tearing up your dissertation or to reformulate and re-read something you are struggling with and think about it in a different light.

Music in our Traces: Saturday 11th March, 1.30 - 2.30pm (this time may change)

This workshop will endeavor to explore how we can read the lines of a drawing, or those of a moving object or person as a musical score.  This is open to musicians and non-musicians. Please bring an instrument if you have one.

More Throwing: Sunday 12th March 

Some sort of end: (Exhibition) Monday 13th March, 6.30pm

 Come and see what we've done, and what you've done, what we've seen and what we've said, and we can talk about it with wine.


May 14, 2017

I'm dropping off your ceramic work today. Make sure to pick them up from the Tutorial office by next Monday, they're lovely!

Tuesday 14th March: Packing Up

Packing up today after a great evening. It is a joy to see all your work on the walls. If you're walking past, drop in a say goodbye!

Monday 13th March: Final Exhibition

March 13, 2017

Come and join us today at 6.30pm in the Gatehouse, Memorial Court to see what we've done, and what you've done, what we've seen and what we've said, and we can talk about it with wine.

Music in our Traces

March 11, 2017

Today, with the help of musician, Femi Oriogun-WIlliams, we were reading stories and sounds in the movements of puppets, translating them into lines and reading these as graphic scores. Beautiful images and wacky sounds!


March 10, 2017

Tearing up and recomposing dissertations, poems and lecture notes on Clare riverbank today. Rethinking and re-seeing in the context of positive and negative spaces both outside and inside.

Friday 10th March: What's On

March 09, 2017

Two things tomorrow 

10.00 - 11.00: Throwing. Please sign up for a 15 minute slot here:…/1mccMxZgn02fbJQsU3AaFQ4nZis1Ivyeg…


 (Sorry this is short, the Gatehouse is booked up, there will be more at the weekend)

5-7pm: Collage (Tear up your dissertation creatively)

For this workshop it is essential that you bring a copy of something you are struggling with or thinking about. This could be your dissertation, a paragraph of text, a poem, a maths problem, a design, an assignment or whatever. Please make sure you have backed these up and that these are copies as this is about tearing them up and looking at them in different lights.

It would be useful if you could bring a couple of copies, perhaps in different sizes.

Other optional things: try printing onto different papers. Bring warm clothes and a plastic bag to sit on. We will go to the gardens if it's nice.

Life Sculpting (Clay)

March 08, 2017

A great evening sculpting with model Sharon Lloyd, with thoughts about how we perceive and construct in 3 dimensions, and how close that can be to drawing. Great to see so many people ready to try something new and get their hands on some clay!

Mixed Media Life Drawing

March 08, 2017

Yesterday evening we explored using a range of different media including pencil, charcoal, compressed charcoal, chalk, ink with bamboo grown in Clare gardens, our fingers, brushes, paint, glue, collage and different papers. This immersive thinking and playing yielded a huge number of beautifully tactile and dynamic drawings. 

Potting in the Path

March 08, 2017

After a steady stream of passers by having a go at throwing yesterday in Clare, keep your eyes peeled for further throwing opportunities

Tuesday 7th March: What's on

March 07, 2017

Good Morning, lots of things happening today.


1.30 - 3pm (roughly) Potting in the Path - I'll be outside the Gatehouse with a bag of clay and a potter's wheel letting passers by have a go on the way to the University Library or in their dissertation lunch break. Please stop by.


5-7pm Life Drawing (Mixed Media) - This will be a two hour exploration of life drawing using all sorts of different media: different papers, pencil, charcoal, chalk, rubbers, ink, paint and glue. This will be a research set up (ie drawing and talking).


For this PLEASE BRING: something you are thinking about or working on (an assignment, a problem, a poem you are working on, a picture you've drawn, the last paragraph you read). This should be photocopied or you should be happy to be able to tear it up (dissertations welcome). Perhaps do a couple of copies in different sizes if you have time.

Reccomended Reading

March 06, 2017

Index, Diagram. Graphic Trace : Margaret Iverson

This Tate Paper perhaps relates to some of the things we thought about at the weekend and to some of the conversations this evening. Do give it a read if you have a moment, I'd be interested to hear what you think. It may also help to inform some of the workshops over the coming days.

Day 2: What's Happening

March 04, 2017

For tomorrow's workshop we'll meet at 2pm at the Meeting Rooms in Clare Colony (NB Not the Gatehouse). If you need to go before 6, that's fine.

We'll be playing with these folks. Please, once again, bring something you are thinking about (text, image, numbers etc) in a photocopied form, it might give them something to talk about.

Day 1: Come and Paint With Me

March 04, 2017

Following this morning's movement traces remembering the colours of the tulips, tangerines, lemon, lime, bananas, bottles, cups, jug and bowl they came from.

Day 1: Drawing and Performance - Circles and Squares: drawing movement and movement as drawing with the language of Laban ​

March 04, 2017

We had fun this morning, drawing on the floor and moving, attempting to use choreographic language to dictate our drawings. We were looking at how different forms of movement affected our drawing and different forms of drawing affected our movements.

Here's a detail of the map of our moments made from an abstracted shape in a still life drawing we started with. I think I might get my paints out...

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