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Ghost Shows

a podcast series

created by Adele Thomas, Freddie Crossley and John Schwab for Freelancers Make Theatre Work and Curtain Call 

A four part series documenting the stories of shows that were conceived, rehearsed, even tech'ed but never lived on stage in 2020. Adele Thomas interviews an extraordinary collection of freelancers including Sharon D Clarke, Allan Clayton, Maria Aberg, Sunita Hinduja, Rona Munro, Atri Banerjee, Conor Mitchell, Jessica Hung Han Yun, Clint Dyer and Roy Williams and follows their journeys through this tumultuous year. This is not a historical document – this is an emotional record.

This is the untold story of those vanishing acts, the Ghost Shows.

Written by Adele Thomas and Freddie Crossley
Original score by Freddie Crossley
Produced by John Schwab
With additional support from Athena Stevens and Alistair Cope
Transcription by Kelsie Acton
16th March 2020
Other projects for Freelancers Make Theatre Work include animation, filmmaking, writing and scores for It's Time for a Value Shift, A Journey and the Keynote Speech for The Stage Future of Theatre Conference by Athena Stevens and Paule Constable.


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