With experience working at Ottolenghi, London, Kember and Jones, Glasgow and Verjus, Paris, food is at the heart of Freddie's creative practice. It is in the act of cooking and eating together, the ephemeral thing between vessel and human and the community and collectivity it brings. 


The Bread Project 2020 is a community installation in which he bakes and delivers two loaves of sourdough bread a day, the last recipients nominating the next, telephoning both ahead and behind. It served to reinforce a strong network of community and friendship in a time in which we were forced to be apart. 

Freddie caters for small scale private functions and for large scale feasts including KneesUp. An annual woodland gathering of friends, food, fire and performances at Rushmere Farm in aid of Friends Without Borders. 


KneesUp 2019

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