Just as microbial cultures exist only as communities, so too do our broader human cultures...

Food is the greatest community builder there is. It invites people to sit and stay a while, and families to gather together. It welcomes new neighbours and weary travellers and beloved old friends. 

- Sandor Katz,  The Art of Fermentation

lemon posset
Rowan and apple jelly



Whether you'd like an intimate dinner at home, a party in the woods or a feast in a barn, using fresh,  seasonal and locally sourced produce, Freddie is an experienced chef with a range of skills developed at Rushmere Farm, St John Restaurant Smithfield, Ottolenghi, Soho,  Kember and Jones, Glasgow and Verjus, Paris.


Where ideas come to the table are thoughts are digested, sharing food is profoundly human, essential and creative. In a wedge of cake, a sliver of tart, a slice of pie, a chunk of fresh bread we are part of a whole; an individual in a community valued for our presence and our being.

Freddie's feasts are always a celebration of this.


So let's eat.

cinnamon buns
Flan Cassis
Basque Cheesecake