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The Search

To me it's all one. I'm always making, always seeking the same spirit, the same spark. The moment things come together; the things that join us, hold us, lift us.

In all aspects of my work I want to make art that celebrates community and humanity, that speaks of beauty, hope, potential and truth in the face of global crisis.

Freddie Crossley Faceted Bowl
Greasteads Mug

The Ash Project


 With woodash glaze and sweeping oxides, these functional ceramic forms create an ever-expanding and evolving installation in homes across the world, giving new life to disappearing woodlands.

金継ぎ | Kintsugi 

"golden joinery", or kintsukuroi 金繕い, "golden repair"

An ongoing series of pieces seeking hope and beauty in imperfection and breakage.

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Kintsugi Plate
Cass and Jakob's Garden


works on paper

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for occasional news and updates

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The Bread Project

A community installation

In the baking and giving of fresh bread, a deep and rich network of community and friendship unearthed out of isolation.

Sourdough Loaf


Eating Together

The act of eating together is creative, that of sharing food is political and to cook what sits at the heart of this, holds us, and lays the earth on a table for whatever seeds might grow there is a privilege.

In Our Bones

A multimedia performance

Created with Femi Oriogun-Williams, a song cycle uttering a  cry of hope in ecological crisis.

In Our Bones Trumpet
Vessel Exhibited


Large scale ceramic work

A series of urns created for exhibition

Ghost Shows

A podcast series

Created with Adele Thomas and John Schwab for Freelancers Make Theatre Work and Curtain Call, Ghost Shows documented the stories of the companies of shows that never made it to Stage in 2020.

for occasional news and updates

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Freddie Crossley - Artist 

Working in clay, paint, theatre, food, music and text, Freddie's work uniquely bridges the performative and domestic; the epic and ephemeral: the things we live with and the things we’ll never see again.

Freddie's ceramic work is permanently displayed at Cambridge Contemporary Crafts, Newlyn Gallery and Me and East and has been exhibited at Thrown Contemporary, Make Southwest, The Hepworth Wakefield, Cass Sculpture Foundation, Collect, Saatchi Gallery and The North Wall Oxford. His oil paintings have been exhibited by Sue Elton and Josie Eastwood Fine Art.

With experience at Ottolenghi, he has worked as a chef at St John, Smithfield and caters for private events. He works as a freelance development chef for Thomasina Miers and is currently head chef for The World Transformed, a festival of ideas and political thought, Liverpool.

Trained at Curious School of Puppetry and at Glasgow School of Art, Freddie is a part of Freelancers Make Theatre Work for whom he has created original musical scores and films, spoken and advocated in Westminster and partnered in the organisation of Freelance : Futures symposium. Resident Assistant Director at Chichester Festival Theatre and Plymouth Theatre Royal, he has worked with worked with companies including Paines Plough, Frantic Assembly, Ontroerend Goed, Told by an Idiot and Handspring Puppet Company, Cape Town.


Freddie is also a writer and composer and has performed and toured his own work internationally. His writing has been published in The Stage.

"It strikes me as crucially important in a time of disunity and dispersal, that we can see hope in chaos. That in the unknowns of the certain, in the as yet unseen and the hypotheses, the hinterlands of the whole, the depths of the spaces in-between, the blurred edges and the greys of black and white discourse - on the other side of curiosity is beauty, hope and truth."

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